Rethink and Reinvent

International discussion tables, our new collaboration overseas. Together with Samantha Roberts from the USA we discuss different strategies and organisational structures voor large renowned corporates and medium to small size businesses. What strategies are applicable and how are processes defined to deliver the most efficient process flow.

In this discussion table we discuss the 3 C’s that contribute to Rethinking and Reinventing the business. The first C is the C for Chaos, I built structures out of chaos to sustain and thrive financially and with a prosperous future outlook. The second C is for Continuity. Longevity and understanding business processes reinforce the ability to generate stable and continuous profits. The last C is the C for Communication. Clear and transparent communication combined with change management and employee’s engagement, is the key success factor to increase responsibility within their activities and feasibility.

Watch and listen to these stories and themes that elaborate longevity and profits for businesses.