Interim management & Consultancy

About Interim Management & Consultancy

At M2Advisory we believe that the strength of organisations is entailed within the unique proposition of their projects. We offer you services tailor made to your question. With our knowledge and experience we transform your requirements into adequate advice, design and implementations. For years organisational questions and or issues belong to our working field and we consider to be a specialist within programme-, project-, risk-, and portfolio management.

1. Program management

We translate strategic objectives and goals into programme management plans, cascaded into effective and content wise projects accordingly. Defining key elements to support organisational change or financial goals is a dynamic process that requires structures and clear vision about governance and content:

  • Advise and design program management plans and structures;
  • Alignment program objectives, stakeholders’ management;
  • Create policy, project plans and define workstreams/projects.

2. Strategic governance financial and risk management

We review and perform assessments to identify key objectives related to performance and governance:

  • Design and implement financial- and risk management governance;
  • Define and implement (business) ownership roles, tasks, responsibilities;
  • Design framework internal control.

3. Business optimization issues

Operational excellence is achieved by understanding and defining business processes lean and most efficient:

  • Analyses and assessment on business process and process management;
  • Analyse outsourcing questions and alternative studies;
  • (Re) design engineering process management and data quality management.