ICT Services

About ICT Services

M2Advisory ICT services has three services where business and ICT are well connected to each other. M2Advisory ICT services includes both consultancy as implementation services to our customers. Together with our client we achieve success during every phase in the process. We find that it is our mission giving integrated advice to our customers enabling them to successful realize their strategic goals.

1. Platform services

For all business inquiries our team consists of experienced project managers, consultants, business analysts, technical leads and engineers who will work closely with our customers. Creating a wide range of platforms to contribute in availability, updates and predictability in business systems.

  • Implementations, upgrades and maintenance platforms;
  • Maximise usages of platform.

2. Automation Services

We work together with our customers to a certain level of automation within processes or business systems.

  • Implementations, upgrades and maintenance platform;
  • Maximise usage of platform;
  • Partnership to bring more advanced automation advantages and business opportunities;
  • Support by software solutions (oracle solutions).

3. Managed Services

Our team can support and provide service lines remotely. Support take places from any location or locally.

  • Implementations, upgrades and maintenance platform;
  • End to end solution for IT operations to further enhance management excellence.