COVID-19 update and innovations

Dear all,

Looking back at this period where we are still dealing with the covid- 19 situation, we have to conclude that we are now a bit more custom to all these restrictions. Even so, this situation is extraordinary and I still every day wish for health and strength for our customers, employees and suppliers. Good health is essential and the covid-19 pandemic only emphasizes this. M2Advisory also developed her services in more remote services and supporting our customers in their quest into staying healthy organisations during these times. We further developed and automated the framework intelligence for the financial services sector and also for other sectors, logistics for example. This framework provides insights into the organisation’s governance, financial- and risk management and processes. This thinking allows organisation to measure the impact on (sudden) changes and to what extent these changes can impact or even be implemented in a controlled matter.

Should you have further inquiries about the framework and its application, please feel free to contact us via the contact form, so that we can rapidly inform you and share details accordingly.

We would be honoured if you also watch our interview with a new partner in the logistic sector. During this interview, we discussed developments regarding digitalisation and blockchain solutions from a framework intelligence mindset.


Please continue to take good care of yourself and loved ones. We will talk to you soon!